Dan McDonald’s Raw Food Recipes: Diet Drinks and Smoothies

by montyloree

Dan McDonald’s Raw Food Recipes: Diet Drinks and Smoothies

Dan “The Man” McDonald from the LifeRegenerator channel on youtube.com made a video for you to watch and be able to follow or apply in your own self.

Raw food smoothies add valuable nutrients to your diet. Many people that follow raw food diets or drink lots of protein smoothies believe that a Vita mix is vital for making smoothies at home. Regardless, you will need a good blender with a strong motor to get your drinks just right.

Fruit and vegetables smoothies are generally healthier than what a lot of people eat these days. A basic smoothie with fruits or veggies in it already contains many essential vitamins and minerals. Add to that the nutrients found in the smoothie’s liquid base of fruit juice , cow’s milk, soy milk , almond milk or yogurt among others. But if you really want to really supercharge your smoothies, you will want to add highly nutritious ingredients such as protein powders, vitamin supplements, raw superfoods and super fruits. Water and juices are the most popular choices of raw foodists. Watch out for bottled juices, which often contain preservatives. Always order fresh squeezed juice or make your own.


Bananas are among our most favorite fruit and we make use of it in every possible way. Bananas can be fried, boiled, roasted, or eaten raw. They are nutritious and should be part of any healthy diet. Bananas are high in potassium, protein, high in vitamins and minerals also.

Bananas are a staple ingredient in many of the raw smoothie recipes and in this video, Dan “The Man” with the master plan gives us an easy yet very nutritious smoothie recipe.

To start off, in a blender add a couple of over ripped bananas. This is what we need in this recipe because of its texture and form. We will then be adding some coconut water which by the way is so much flavorful to use than tap water. And next to be added are the herbs. We will add some kale which is rich in protein. And we blend it. Serve.

Dan McDonald’s Advice in going 100% Raw

It’s not about whether you go 100% raw or not. Not about not eating fatty foods or going raw. It is all about your COMMITMENT and PERSEVERANCE in doing what you feel is right and what you really wanted to achieve. Go slow and steady. In that way, you will appreciate all the hard work that you put into for you to meet your goal.


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