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This is just one of the many videos of renowned David Wolfe who is a researcher, educator, and author on the topics of Raw Food Nutrition, SuperFoods , Herbal healing and chocolates . He has been helping people and giving them insights on going raw and having a well balanced lifestyle. In this video he will be making his Raw Smoothie recipe .

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Raw food smoothies add valuable nutrients to your diet. Fruit and vegetables smoothies are generally healthier than what a lot of people eat these days. A basic smoothie with fruits or veggies in it already contains many essential vitamins and minerals. Add to that the nutrients found in the smoothie’s liquid base of fruit juice , cow’s milk , soy milk, almond milk or yogurt among others.

But if you really want to really supercharge your smoothies , you will want to add highly nutritious ingredients such as protein powders, vitamin supplements, raw super foods and super fruits. Water and juices are the most popular choices.


He will be making a super drink that will energize the body, help maintain the wellness and it tastes delicious. “Chew your juice. Drink your food.” That’s what David Wolfe believes in.

To start off, it was a choice between water, coffee, and coconut water. David Wolfe is more convinced in using coconut water because it’s the best form of electrolytes. It has sodium and suspension, potassium and suspension, and it’s good for the blood. So he used 2 coconuts and placed the coconut water to the blender.

After that he then scraped up all the coconut meat and added it to the blender mixture. He then added some cacao nibs which is rich in anti oxidant. Helps in cleansing too. And another ingredient to be added was the raw cacao butter which is also high in anti oxidant. Cooked cacao butter can also be used in cosmetics and it’s the best oil ever for the skin. Fats will help you ground your body. After that he then added some strawberries and blueberries , which are also other sources of antioxidants. Blend it all up.

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