Smoothies and Juices from Yuri Elkaim

by montyloree

Smoothies and Juices from Yuri Elkaim

This is another addition to the raw food community and is his name is Yuri Elkaim. This particular raw food recipe came from a book as well as from his website. His book contains 42 types of juices and smoothies that would suit every preference that you have. It has easy and healthy raw food recipes and juices that help the body maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

All of his recipes are made of raw ingredients that are also beneficial to our body as well. In this given video, Yuri Elkaim from EatingForEnergy is sharing with us an easy raw smoothie recipe that’s only made up of 5 or 6 ingredients. Green veggies, some anti-oxidants and fruits are just some of the ingredients that will alkalize the body, give more energy and just have a complete meal in a juice.

How is Green Smoothie ala Yuri Elkaim Made?

So let’s start with some chopped kale which is by the way a super food. It’s good to chop off the stem because we don’t want the hard part in the stem. Then we add some chunks of pineapple. You can also use apples or chunks or pear, whichever is available. We will then be adding dates to give the recipe its sweetness. Another ingredient that we will be adding are anti oxidizing berries, like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and are all frozen but they’re still fresh as it is. Any fruit that has dark colors are rich in anti oxidants, the darker the better.

Then we will be adding a tablespoon of flax oil, which by the way is a very good source of omega 3. Then we will be adding spirulina, which a blue green algae, that has the highest source of protein. Then we will add some water. And we blend. It’s now ready to be served. It’s a full meal in a smoothie, easy and healthy.

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